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The strongest in my world, command% 26nbsp;

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My world command death does not drop / gamerule keepinventory true explosion proof / gamerule mobgriefing false / gamemode 1 give yourself survival / creation mode / TP [ID] force a player to fly to you / tphere [ID] force a player to fly to you / tpall [ID] let all players fly to you, including op / tppos [x] [y] [Z] transfer to x, y, Z / vanish stealth / fireball release the fireball of hell bomber and spit it out from the op's mouth / shock [player ID] lightning strikes a player. If you directly / shock, give lightning strikes at the place opposite your heart / nuke [ID] put a nuclear bomb above a player, It's actually a bunch of activated TNTS flying down from the sky / Antioch put a bomb in the place indicated by the quasi heart / butcher kill all nearby monsters / killall kill all nearby creatures, Including human / kill [ID] kill a player / uicide commit suicide / burn [ID] set a player on fire / ext [ID] put out fire for a player / jump directly to the place indicated by the heart. Long distance travel is very practical / fly [ID] give a player the right to fly / up [number] raise himself to a certain height, up to 256, A piece of glass will be placed under your feet to / see [ID] check someone's last exit time / weather [storm / sun] change the weather / rain off / time set [XX: XX] set the time. For example, / time set 06:00 is to set the time to 6 a.m. / Eco [give / take / reset] [ID] [quantity] give / take / reset, A player's money / Heal [ID] restore a player's life / invsee view a player's backpack, And you can move the [basic instructions] game instructions: / register password registration / login password login / sethome set your own home / home return to your own home / money check your money / back return to the location of death