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What is my world stealth instruction code? A complete summary of cheating instructions

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What is my world stealth command code? Today, Pipa net Xiaobian brings you a complete summary of cheating instructions. Young friends who are not very familiar with all kinds of instructions in my world, please write them down quickly~

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What is my world stealth command code Code: / vanish -- stealth After using this command, you can achieve the effect of invisibility, but the time is limited, so you should use it again and again.

Summary of other instructions:   

Release the fireball of hell bomber and spit it out of OP's mouth

/ shock [player ID]

Lightning strikes a player. If you directly / shock, you will give lightning strikes at the place where your quasi heart is facing


Putting a nuclear bomb above a player is actually a pile of activated TNTS flying down from the sky


Put a bomb where the heart points


Kill all nearby monsters


Kill all nearby creatures, including humans


Kill a player, = = I haven't used this.. I just like to hide behind the coolie afraid of mother ~ (≥ ▽≤

Cough... Cough....




Set a player on fire


Put out a fire for a player


Jump directly to the place indicated by the quasi heart, which is very practical for long-distance travel


Give a player permission to fly

/ up [qty]

Lift yourself to a certain height, up to 256, and a piece of glass will be formed under your feet to cushion you


See when someone last quit


Change the weather


Stop the rain, this is easier


Set the time. For example, / time set 06:00 sets the time to 6 a.m

/ eco [give / take / reset] [ID] [quantity]

Give / take / reset, a player's money


Restore a player's life


Change the time of a player, * refers to all players, so that the time they see is different from the time you see.

Adding @, such as @ day, before the time will lock the world that the player sees. However, when the actual time comes to night, the player will see that the skeleton monster in the day will not burn, and he will be very puzzled


View, give, clear, unlimited items for a player

/ Nick [title]

Change your title. If you change to: bigbear, it will show that your name is \

/ Powertool [statement]

Quickly enter a line in the chat box, such as:

Hold a saddle in your hand and enter / Powertool jump

In the future, if you left click the saddle, you will directly use this command / jump

You want to talk fast, / long live the Powertool bear

As long as you left click, you can immediately appear in the chat. Long live the little bear


Clear all powertolls


Form a forest beside yourself


Form a pumpkin forest beside yourself


Be like snow by your side


Melting snow and ice

/ tree [shape of tree]

Big tree ewquoia


Tall Sequoia mahogany

Birch shirt tree

Random random

/ enchant [enchant attribute] [level]

Use this command to add an enchant attribute to the tool in your hand. If you do not write an enchant name, a list of enchants is listed.

The above is all the content of my world stealth command code and cheating command, which Pipa Xiaobian brought to you today. More wonderful information is available on Pipa. Pay attention to my special area of world pipa. Com, and the latest information will be presented to you in time????

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