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Super Slippa 2019 (May 26 DA PUMP & w)

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8 / 03 (VI) 13:00

> May day, Da pump, w-inds., Bi Shujing, Gu Gu, LV Siwei, guest: J. sheen

8 / 04 (day) 13:00

> Mayday, babymetal, Tao Zhe, Cai Jianya, Wangfu, guest (eggplant egg), flumpool

Super sharp to break the sky shaking for 10 years

Ten years old, ten grain group fight club

10 ambushes, fierce role in Asia, Taipei meets hard

2019.08.03 ~ 04 @ Nangang Exhibition Hall

Mayday, a Taiwan rock band, is composed of the band leader and guitarist monster, lead singer a Xin, guitarist stone, besmartha and drummer Guan you. It was formerly known as \

Singing contented may day is the greatest tenderness of fans Stubborn you, let fans feel first love again...

come to May day's concert, leave the earth's surface together, rock up...

The lead singer, Ju qingtaihe, is responsible for the chorus of% 26amp; The Japanese hiphop dance singing group is composed of Chiba Liangping and xufanglongyi. The average of the three was only 15 when they made their debut

He graduated from vision factory, which once trained the famous singer Nai Mae Abe, and his elder brother is da pump, a popular dance group in Japan. The live performance of w-inds. Is absolutely superior to the first-class level. In 2004 and 2005, w-inds. Performed overseas in Taiwan, creating an amazing record that all the tickets for concerts were sold out in 23 minutes. In 2009, w-inds. Held its first solo performance in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. In about two hours of performance, 8000 fans were crazy

in May 2016, w-inds, the 15th anniversary of its debut, released its 36th single, boom world up

David Zee Tao, born in Hong Kong on July 11, 1969, is a male singer and music producer in Taiwan. He graduated from UCLA

In 1993,

made his debut as a music producer and participated in the production of the album Alton. In 1995, she made the album Shu Hua in full bloom for Chen Shu Hua. He became a singer in 1997; In the same year, with his debut album \

pays attention to the official account of Hippo media, and gets more concert information. WeChat does not queue up to buy tickets. 1}