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Shanghai Apollo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional and intensive nuclear power plant nuclear pump and important non nuclear pump system and nuclear power after treatment equipment supply and service provider in the whole nuclear power industry chain. In January 2009, the company obtained the \



Under the guidance of the localization goal of nuclear power equipment, the company has obtained a large number of domestic experts who are interested in changing the current situation of nuclear power equipment in China and have rich experience in development and design, organization and production, planning and scheduling, outsourcing management, process guidance, shipping, and on-site installation and commissioning services to join our product development team. We have established a long-term technical cooperation relationship with a number of universities and scientific research institutions that are interested in the localization of nuclear power equipment, and developed a number of scientific and technological achievements with high-tech content. This mode has been awarded the \



Inspired by the one belt, one road and the nuclear power going out, the company will seize the development opportunity of \