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A girl with muscle. The truth, persistence is the king!!

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LZ has always loved sports, and mixed group has been for some time, so more and more appreciate the girl's body-building. The paper man is here to scare the eyes of passers-by. We have a good look. Next door, there is a jet lag brother who has been reduced by 45j. He read his post several times. Very inspired, so patient study, a girl version of the fitness plan. -----------------------------------Theme line------------------------------------------------------ 1: It mainly refers to p90x and Laimei pump it up Monthly schedule P90x album address http://www.youku.com/playlist_ show/id_ 5567664.html?page=1& mode=pic& ascending=1 Circuit workout, also known as circuit training, is a kind of exercise mode with the purpose of improving cardiopulmonary function, burning fat and enhancing comprehensive physical fitness, combining various anaerobic resistance movements and high-intensity aerobic exercise. Circuit out (CW) does not have a fixed mode. It can freely group various actions according to needs and hobbies. Each action can do a fixed number of times or time, and then cycle a certain number of groups or time continuously. CW can be completed in the gym with all kinds of equipment (such as Mi Jun's 20 minute CW plan), but more often, it can be completed at home or in any small space without any equipment.

No device circuit out for women

Repeat this for 30-40 minutes. Pump it up just search by yourself. I tried p90x today. Not at all. I can't hold on. So the p90x muscle was replaced by CW. Monday, CW Tuesday. High intensity aerobic. Pump it up 2005 Wednesday, stretch flexibility by p90x \t\t Thursday, yoga, one and a half hours p90x Friday, CW \t Saturday, high intensity aerobic pump it up 2005 Sunday, rest, do not do planned exercise, but do not rule out hip shopping this kind of oh. PS: Aunt week turns into morning and evening, fast walking before and after meals, plus some simple anaerobic exercise( [important supplement] plagiarize from my brother next door Afterburn, or% 26quot; Active fat burning mode% 26quot; Or the pattern of continuous calorie burning after exercise First, let's talk about how to trigger First of all, your sport must be --% 26quot; High intensity% 26quot;% 26quot; Low strength% 26quot;% 26quot; High intensity% 26quot;% 26quot; Low intensity% 26quot; Alternately In other words, for example: Push up 30s Rest for 30s Pull up 30s Rest for 30s Crazy leg raising in place for 30s Rest for 30s ETC, Or, be crazy Push up 30s, high leg lift 30s, kick 30s, squat 30s Rest for 30s 3 groups The group leader said that morning exercise can wake up your body and keep your body metabolized. So I added afterburn to the morning Parents remember to exercise on an empty stomach, but they should be able to drink some water (honey water, ginger sugar water, light salt water, etc.) first Don't overdo it. Warm up slightly, twist your neck, shake your hands and legs, then stretch for a while. I think the most convenient afterburn is the combination of running and walking. I run in the school basketball court (perimeter about 200m), fast walk 3 laps (hip step and arm chest expansion), sprint a lap. Repeat 3 times. I've tried and found that it's more effective to take two laps and one lap, so I've changed to take two laps and one or four groups. Less exercise JMS can increase the share of walking. In terms of diet, there are too many people in the research group, so I won't say more. ============================ It's been a long time since I abandoned the post. I'm going to go back on it. This fitness program has only been effective for less than a month 。 The meat on the legs is very strong, obviously It's the present effect of being abandoned in mid June (but it can keep half an hour's exercise every day on average, and it's very boring in terms of diet!) It's very difficult for girls to keep their muscles level. The bobbin can't be slack. In recent photos, the fat ratio has obviously increased ————————————————2013-4.28 split line———————— This post is almost a year old. During this period, although we didn't strictly abide by the schedule, we kept moving all the time. Continue with the truth~~ Then it's easy to do too much to win, man. Come on, soften up, yoga go. Yuxuanzhu weight loss yoga And do it with aerobic every other day~