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English for hydraulic engineering

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Total planning area of South-to-North Water Transfer Project Water treatment project sewage treatment plant drainage network drains ecological shelter forest total area Flood control project of IDE banks flood control project training wall infrastructure road net flood control prevention flood control anabranch drop river course compound cross section on-site concrete precast concrete impervious structure seepage prevention schematic diagram Green belt Wetland / marsh rubber dam rubber dam emergency gate, Bulkhead gate frame crane frequency converter parallel flowdirection along the flow direction, reverse flowdirection perpendicular to the flow direction, SEZ Special Economic Zone settlement, Se east southeast supporting ring; Setting retarder service gate stoplog gate submerged gate self collapsing gate draft tube gate Tailrace Gate backwater gate, 8-tone self-propelled vibrating roller 8-ton vibrating roller complete equipment, Elevation view of dam bottom width of alveolar culvert culvert dam base width, Elevation free draining free flow genset = generate set generator gevr = grow enriched vibratable RCC abnormal concrete ha. Handled vibrating roller hand-held vibrating roller fire hydrant fire fighting inspection supervisor invert slab joint venture joint venture lift pouring layer mobile crane truck crane mortar overhead management fee column Rod, handrail, breast wall rear elevation rear view reservoir, Small backhoe sewage sub contractor switching station tipping trucks truck groutmixer tank agitator weathered release agent segment gate radial gate overflow gate overflow gate top overflow gate jet flow gate minute progressmeeting Cl Aim claim, progressive claim contingency lump sum total price, corresponding to the unit price project, the owner of truss truss client sometimes uses few employees, and consultants generally provide design consulting, Advisor is a consultant supervisor higher than consultant. Fault fault fault bench rebar refers to threaded reinforcement, while bar refers to reinforcement admixture additive workability of concrete. Binder concrete cementitious material diversion tunnel diversion tunnel saddle dam packertest - water pressure test Lugeon value is the main parameter of curtain grouting, inverted siphon siphoncul Vert culvert aqueduct chainage residualdistance (R.D.) pile No. ground slurry \\ grouting ground mix mixed slurry take concrete solidification, curing curingtest fill rolling test seepage failure against seepage sliding failure about foundation pit joint (Geology), joint (Design) hose earth dam. It can also be used as a gravel paved road of gate gate metalled road of main canal distributary canal of levee (dyke), No metal pavement transport contractor joint venture emergency spillway uncontrolled crest spillway after dam tailrace pond dam conveyor plan, Plan issued approval to be approved Description Drawing excavation coordinate point weir Valley Canyon stockpiling berm berm adit backfill backfilling intake intake high intake slope inlet high slope intake deck intake platform yard, Permanent chilled water chilled water calculation stress concentration mixing plant compressed air plant compressed storage power plant pumped storage power station workshop Sino - China's explosive explosive blasting cap blasting charge Tile tile column rolling machine tube welding rods bulk diesel engine diesel tank oil depot Switching Station Camp Camp Camp restaurant Park parking lot grouting gantry crane trashrack trash rack outline Darcy's law Darcy's law freeboard safe space, If the reservoir water level is above the dam crest. Not in the dictionary. Overhead traveling crane bulkhead gate Trashracks trash rack guardrail safety margin aggregate reserve earthfill, rockfill, concrete, riprap, RCC (roller compacted concrete) filling water control project, Hydroelectric project - earth dam of borrow area quarry of hydropower project, sometimes it is also the allocation, allocation, preparation, approval, authorize (delegate), authorization, Bill quantities (BOQ), Bill quantities (BOQ), comments, commercial manager, business manager, conditions contract, General conditions, general conditions, special conditions, special conditions, civil engineering construction, civil engineering construction, construction management, consultant, consultant contract agreement, contract agreement, contractor cooperation, Cooperation, coordination, cost control, cost control, counter claim, counter claim, delay, demobilisation, demobilization department, Department designer, designer drawing, shop drawing, workshop drawing, design drawing, as built drawing, completion drawing, blue drawing, blueprint transparent drawing, transparent drawing, construction drawing, Construction drawings electrical works, electrical engineering employee (client owner), owner's engineer's representative, engineer's representative, engineering project, international project, international project, overseas project, equipment, equipment, expert of foreign staff, expert export, export of federation civil engineering contractor, Formal, formal hydromechanical works, metal structure engineering import, import chargeof, responsible, in charge, information, informal institution Civil Engineers (ice), Institute of civil engineers, instrument, apparatus, insurance, labor, labor layout, arrangement, leading company, leading company, Liability (responsibility, obligation), lump sum, general contracting machine, mechanical manpower, human resource manufacturer, manufacturer, material, material, measure, measure, take effective measures, measure, measurement, memorandum, mobility, mobilization object, Objection to payment, payment plant, equipment point view (option), opinion, prequalification, prequalification, procurement, profit progress control, progress control, project manager, quality control, quality control request (application), application, request review, review risk, risk river closure, River diversion, diversion safety, safety signature, signature site, site engineer, site engineer, specification, specification, staff, subcontractor, subcontractor, submission, supervision, supplier, supplier, International Chamber of Commerce, ICC unit price, unit price variation (change), Change world bank, open excavation, bench excavation, concrete excavation, concrete excavation, fault excavation, fault excavation, foundation excavation, foundation excavation, local excavation of foundation, mass (bulk) excavation of local excavation, protective layer excavation of large area, rock excavation of protective layer, Slope excavation, slope excavation, soft ground excavation, soil excavation, earth excavation, structural excavation, structural excavation, tooth excavation, unclassified material excavation, unclassified excavation, Drainage excavation pit, excavation intensity excavation, over excavation (overbreak), over excavation pump pump, pump pit under excavation (underbreak), under excavation treatment, under excavation treatment, tunnel underexcavation and underground excavation excavation excavation, one excavation cycle adit, adit advance, footage advanced depth, Breaking hole, collapse hole, cushion hole, bottom drift, bottom drift, center drift, side drift, side drift, top drift, top drilling, drilling (Progress) rate, footage rate easer, cutting holes erecting supports sidewall, full face excavation, Heading bench excavation, heading muck (mucking), ballast loading (charging), charging, perimeter hole, pilot tunnel, pilot tunnel removal dust, dust removal ground water, removal of ground ponding, shooting explosive (blasting), blasting, top heading excavation, Excavation of upper pilot tunnel, ventilation drilling blasting, abandoned hole, average hole depth, average quantity used unit volume blasted, average unit consumption blasting result, blasting result, blockness, fragmentation controlled perimeter blasting, perimeter controlled blasting data explosive filled, charging parameter data holesdrilled, Drilling parameter delayed blasting