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Ultra-lightweight foamed concrete for an automated facade application

Foamed concrete hose pump 2021-08-13 12:50 175
Translation: This study deals with the development and characterization of ultra lightweight foamed concrete (ULFC), which is automatically sprayed onto the bare wall with a small amount of workable and expanded design possibilities for continuous external wall renovation. As the heat insulation and wall adhesion increase with the decrease of density, the development goal is to strive to achieve ultra-low density below 150 kg / M (3), which can be consistently produced and applied to vertical walls by robots. For this purpose, the fast curing adhesives based on Portland cement, calcium aluminate cement and calcium sulfate, and protein and surfactant based foaming agents were studied to stabilize the foam structure. The results of this study show that the density of foam concrete mixture and generator is less than 150 kg / M (3). The thermal conductivity, microstructure, vertical applicability, compressive strength and durability of the developed ulfc were studied. The results show excellent thermal insulation potential, but the disadvantage is that the material will lose strength over time due to carbonization and Ettringite precipitation. Expand ▼