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Uniform provisions on vocabulary for pipeline discipline

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List of English Chinese vocabulary for pipeline discipline special for material supply department No. 3-piecemitre bend 3-wayball valve three-way ball valve, Auxiliary equipment take oof statistical material accuracy acetalplastic phenol plastic actuator 10 adhesive 11 adjustable clean adjustable splint 12 adjustable support adjustable support 13 early confirmation 14 [ACF] 15 aging treatment effective treatment 16 aagitator agitator 17 air cooler 18 air vent valve 19 alignment, Align 20 alkyd enamel alkyd enamel 21 allowable stress range 22 alloy steel alloy steel pipe 23 alloy steel pipe 24 altitude height, Altitude 25 aluminum sheet aluminum 26 aluminum 27aluminum silicate fiber 28 aluminum 29aluminum bronze aluminum bronze 30 aluminum magnesium alloy 31 ambient temperature 32 ambient standard tape American standard screw 33 pipe thread [NPT] 34 American wire gage [AWG] American wire gage 35 analytical engineering phase Analysis and design stage 36 analyzer room 37 anchor fixing frame 38 anchor bolt 39 anchor point 40 angle steel angle 41 angle valve 42angular rotation angular displacement 43 annealing 44 antirust paint 45 apparatus, Equipment 46 additional displacement 47 approval approval 48 approval plot plan submitted equipment layout 49 approved construction approved for construction 50 [AFC] 51 approved design approved for design 52 [AFD] 53 approved planning [AFP] approved for layout 54 approximately 55 arc welding 56 area, Area 57 area lirnit 58argon ATC welding 59 arithmetic average roughness 60 height [AARH] 61 asbestos bond asbestos board 62 asbestos cloth asbestos cloth 63 asbestos cord asbestos rope 64 asbestos emergency seal asbestos safety seal 65 asbestos fabric asbestos products 66 asbestos rope asbestos rope 67 asbestos rope inch with chromium and nickel Asbestos rope of alloy wire 68 wire 69 asphalt 70 asphalt felt 45. Laand (Reducing onerunand branch) 45。 Inclined tee (one straight port and branch pipe are reducer) 45. Lateral 45。 Inclined tee 45. Lateral(Reducing onebranch) 45。 Inclined tee (reducing for branch pipe) 45. Lateral (Reducing onerun) 45。 Oblique tee (one straight port is reducer) - type support bingene butadiene styrene pipeline discipline English Chinese bilingual vocabulary list special for material supply department No. 71assembly of the Fourth Engineering Construction Office of Shanghai Jinshen engineering construction company, Assembly 72 atmospheric pressure 73 attachment support pipe rack parts 74 austenitic stainless steel 75 austenitic stainless steel pipe 76 automatic air vent valve 77 automatic submerged arc welding 78 award plot plan contract equipment layout 79 axial movement type expansion shaft Displacement type expansion joint 80 joint 81 axial stress back pressure regulating valve back run welding back seal pressure balance thermostatic trap ball check valve ball type expansion joint ball compensator ball valve 10 base elbow with support elbow 11 base pl Ate base plate 12 base tee tee with support 13 basic design basic design 14 basic engineering design data 15 battery limit [BL] device boundary 16 battery limit condition 17 battery room 18 bear welding 19 beam 20bell spigotjoint socket connection (joint) 21 bell end 22bell expansion joint ripple expansion Section 23 bellow sealed valve 24 bend 25bending moment 26 bending strength 27 bending stress 28 bevel combined thickness inside and outside thickness chamfer 29 bevel inside thickness chamfer 30 bevel outside thickness chamfer 31 bevel gear operated bevel gear drive 32 beveled end 33bid faucet 34 Bid faucet 35 bill material [BM] material table 36 bimetallic expansion steam bimetallic expansion joint steam trap 37 trap 38 Birmingham wire gage [BWG] Birmingham wire gauge 39 bituminous paint asphalt paint 40 blank 41blank 42blind valve 43 blind flange cover 44 blind flange flange cover 45 block form grouping (type) (e.g 46 block valve shut-off valve 47 blow down valve 48 blower 49 blow out proof stem 50 body valve body 51 body seat 52 body stem seal 53 body valve 54 bolt 55 bolt circle [B.C.] bolt circle 56 bolt bonnet [BB] bolted bonnet 57 bolt cap [BC] bolted valve Cap 58 bonnet 59 bonnet Bush bonnet bushing 60 bonnet gasket bonnet gasket 61 borosilicate glass 62 boss 63 both ends Plain [BEP] both ends flat 64 both ends thread [bet] both ends threaded 65 bottom coat primer 66 bottom pipe [BOP] suction valve (laugh valve) pipeline professional English Chinese bilingual vocabulary list special for material Supply Department Shanghai Jinshen engineering construction company No. 67bottom 68branching 69branch connection branch connection 70 brass 71 braze welding 72 breath valve 73 bridge crane 74 brinel hardness 75 bronze 76 building 77 bulk material 78 burn through 79burner 80bush internal and external thread contraction 81 butt we Lded [BW] 82butt welded end 83butt welded joint 84 butt welded 85butterfly check valve 86 butterfly valve 87 buyer [BB] supplied by the buyer 88 pass bypass 89 seller supplied by the seller 90 vendor [bv] supplied by the manufacturer 91 by pass valve cable, Cable tray cable rack calcium silicate canteddisc butterfly valve cantileverersupport cantileverer carseal close [c.s.c.] do not open carseal open [c.s.o.] do not close carbon steel [C.S.] carbon steel 10 carbon steel pipe 11 carburization 12 cast iron [C.I.] cast iron 13 cast iron pipe Tube 14 Cast steel cast steel 15 Cast valve casting valve 16 Casting casting 17 Catwalk small aisle 18 Catch basin collection tank 19 Cellular concrete foam concrete 20 Cellular Cellular foam glass 21 21 foam foam styrene 22 22 Casting, butyric acid cellulose 23 23 24, center line 24 Ine suction entrance centerline 27 center [C-C] center to center, Middle to middle 28 center end [C-E] center to end face 29 center face [C-F] center to face 30 centrigrade ° C 31 centrifuger centrifuge 32 centrifugal compressor 33 centrifugal filter 34 centrifugal pump 35 centrifugal separator 36 ceramic 37 certified final [CF] final confirmation 38 chain operated Chain operated 39 chain wheel sprocket 40 channel steel, Cable rack 41 check 42 check list review outline 43 check valve 44 checked plate 45 chiorlnated polyether 46 [CPS] 47 chiorlnated polyvinyl chloride 48 [CPVC] 49 chrome molybdenum steel chrome steel 50 chrome nickel steel 51 chrome plated 52 chrome nickel steel center line List of English Chinese comparative vocabulary for pipeline discipline material supply department special for the Construction Department of the fourth project of Shanghai Jinshen Engineering Construction Company No. 53chromium plated 54 chromium steel chromium steel 55 chromized steel chromized steel, Chrome plated steel 56 chromium 57circle bend 58 circular band 59clad metal protective layer 60 clad pipe composite pipe 61 clamp 62class [Cl] grade 63 clearance clearance, clearance 64 cleat splint, guide plate 65 clevis 66 client 67 client change notice 68 [CCN] 69 clip anchor Rooting Part 70 clip (on equipment) pre weldment (on equipment) 71 close toilet 72 coarse coarse 73 coarse thread coarse thread 74 coating coating Covering layer 75 cock cock 76 code number 77 cold drawing seamless pipe 78 cold insulation 79 cold load 80 cold quenching 81 cold spring 82color (color) color 83 column 84combination groove85 commissioning 86 compact type 87 compressed asbestos gasket compressed asbestos gasket 88 compression stress 89 compressive strength 90 compressor compressor 91 compressor house (room) compressor room 92 concentric reducer 93 conceptual plot plan schematic equipment layout 94 condenser 95 conduct conduit 96 connecting rod 97 connection, Joint 98 consolidated piping material comprehensive piping material table 99 summary sheet [cpmss] 100 constant hanger 101 construction 102 construction plot plan construction version equipment layout 103 continuous drawing [cod] connection diagram 104 contractor 105 control room 106 control valve 107 conventional heat treatment Heat treatment 108 cooling tower 109 coordinate coordinate 110 copper, Red copper 111 corrosion allowance 112 corrugated bend 113 corrugated metal double jacketed double jacketed corrugated metal clad asbestos gasket 114 asbestos filled gasket 115 corrugated metal gasket corrugated metal gasket 116 corrugated metal gasket asbestos corrugated metal clad asbestos gasket 117 inserted 118 cotter pin 119 counter weight Hanger heavy hammer hanger 120 countersunk (head) screw countersunk head bolt 121 coupling pipe joint, Coupling 122 crane crane 123 creep limit 124 cross cross four-way 125 cross over bend 126 cryogenic service valve low temperature valve 127 crystallizer crystallizer 128 customer 129 cut suit 130 cyclone cyclone separator U-V combination groove crossing elbow (Ω