Bank of China

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Personal online banking of Bank of China is divided into inquiry version, financial management version and VIP version. The inquiry version can be registered online or opened in the business outlets of Bank of China. In order to ensure the security of your account funds, after opening the online banking query version, you can only use the online banking query function. If you need to use all the functions of online banking, you need to bring your valid ID card and debit card / credit card / passbook to the Bank of China branch to apply for opening the online banking financial management version. You can also make an online appointment to apply for the opening of our bank's debit card, online banking and mobile banking. After the online application is submitted, you can bring the relevant ID card and the bank card / passbook of registered online banking to the bank counter to handle the opening service, eliminating the need for the counter to fill in the application form

customers of Bank of China's financial management, wealth management and private banking can apply to open Vip version to enjoy more favorable online banking service price, higher transaction limit and exclusive financial information service

if you need to associate other bank of China passbooks, debit cards and credit cards with online banking, please bring them at the same time. Financial version and VIP version customers can also log in online banking, online self-service associated with their own name has opened a telephone bank account