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Basic popular science | the best group class in the gym lemy fitness series with a full set of curriculum Download

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original title: basic popular science | the best group class in the gym lemy fitness series with a full set of curriculum download

Today, let's briefly introduce the courses that make me really fall in love with lemy fitness series

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The gym courses of lemy system are all group courses. Curriculum design and coach guidance must not be personalized. We can't compare League class with private education. However, the group effect of group class can inspire people to enjoy more sports fun than individual sports, so that people can love sports and maintain good sports habits. This benefit can not be ignored for public fitness

At present, there are 20 group classes in the gym series, which are suitable for all kinds of basic training people

10 regular courses, most of which are body XXXX

Plus 4 HIIT courses for people with higher intensity (3 grits and 1 bicycle Sprint)

There is also the trip

in the immersive studio with special acousto-optic effects to simulate the real bicycle scene

A course born to move for children under the age of 16 (divided into 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-12 and 13-16 age groups)

All gym courses of lemy are changed every three months. Each season is a new music and action arrangement. The perfect combination of lemy's action and music is the most fascinating point that other league classes can't compare

All courses must be taught by certified coaches in authorized clubs. Each time a new routine is updated, the coach must participate in the training of the new routine (called quarterly training, which is allowed to be absent once a year in the impression). All videos, audio and routine arrangement brochures are only for the use of the coach, If you have seen the teaching video, you will find that the left and right in the video are opposite to what you actually do, in order to make the coach adapt to the teaching of mirror image

Domestic authorized certification can be queried on the official website of lemy China lesmills.com.cn. Students interested in becoming a lemy coach can also query the information of the initial training on the official website. After the initial training, they can become a certified coach after passing the certification (but I'm not sure about the actual situation in China), and then there is a promotion channel of continuous learning

What if there is no way to go to the gym or there is no authorized Club nearby

(then you have to download your own video exercise. Download link: yyjun. Net / post-125. HTML)

Lemy and beachbody have cooperated in two sets of home training exercises Les Mills pump and Les Mills combat. Each set has more than ten videos and several timetables suitable for different foundations. The barbell and fighting parts are replayed from the classic sections selected from the old routine. The fighting intensity is low. The classic songs of the barbell are quite pleasant. In addition, some balance and CX are added, And something similar to insanity and p90x. Can you imagine Rachel and Dan with insanity? That's the smell. LMC can buy videos and boxers. LMP is sold together with barbells. Except for students in North America, it is not so realistic for others to buy

After cooperating with beachbody, it also provides an on demand plan for family fitness workers to pay a certain monthly / annual fee. According to different prices in different countries, they can play video on demand on computers / tablets / mobile phones and practice at home. Unfortunately, Chinese users have not been able to use this service for the time being

here is a white paper on the use of lemy course newcomers. You and your little partner are welcome to collect and use the \

bodypump / reduce osteoporosis and bid farewell to flat buttocks

bodypump barbell exercise, which is popular all over the world, needs to complete more than 800 repetitions in each class, which can be said to be the best endurance training for burning calories. According to lemy research, 27 weeks of bodypump training will promote the improvement of bone mineral density and make our bones strong and healthy, which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. At the same time, the squats that often appear in this course can help you practice peach hips

bodycombat / fat burning \ In the course of

bodycom bat, you will exercise through boxing and kicking, and you can burn up to 740 calories in the whole process. Inspired by martial arts movements, this course is a completely non-contact, easy to learn large amount of exercise training course. Coach lemy will inspire you to keep challenging and do your best every time you train. During exercise, you will release yourself, feel comfortable and feel like a champion

bodyjam / improve memory and social skills

Lyme hot dance bodyjam is both a physical and a spiritual challenge. It combines the processing, coordination and execution of unique movements and requires a lot of real focus. Dance itself can also increase the number of cells in the hippocampus, the brain region responsible for long-term and short-term memory and spatial navigation. This is also the most prone area of the brain to decline with age. In the class of Lyme hot dance bodyjam, you will really release yourself and become a social star

sh'bam / relieve stress and reduce the possibility of depression

like bodyjam, sh'bam is also a popular dance course in lemy course. We prefer to call it a dance party! More simple actions make you can't help smiling throughout the class and forget the troubles of the day

bodybalance / protection from sports injury


cxworx / \

This study was found by our research team that cxworx project can effectively improve physical, psychological and emotional health. Cxworx is a core specific training. Taking cxworx courses twice a week can make you effectively train your core muscles and become stronger. A4 waist is just around the corner

bodyattack / farewell to physical fatigue

as long as you exercise 18 times, you can change your physical condition! Bodyattack is a full body training that combines competitive movements such as running, lunging and jumping with strength training such as push ups and squats. It is confirmed by research that after bodyattack three times a week, people's physical quality and sports ability will be significantly improved. Body fat is burned, heart function is enhanced, muscles are increased and speed up. You will find that work is no longer tired! At the same time, if you are still engaged in other sports, bodyattack course can help you improve your sports performance

bodystep / firm hips and legs

the core of bodystep course is stepping up and down, and the basic footwork is like going up and down stairs. This is a full body aerobic exercise. The jumping impact and squatting in the course can cheer you up physically and mentally, and effectively tighten the curves of your hips and legs

RPM / cholesterol reduction

rpm is a classic cycling course of lemy. You will continue to feel the joy of sweating in dynamic music and cycling. Lemy's research team had eight adults (overweight, inactive but healthy) participate in RPM courses three times a week for a total of eight weeks. The results showed that the participants' heart health was improved and their body fat and total cholesterol were effectively reduced(

sprint / reduce three high possibilities

Les Mills sprint is a 30 minute high-intensity intermittent riding course (HIIT). It is very effective in reducing body fat, blood pressure, total cholesterol and triglycerides. At the same time, it can improve cardiopulmonary fitness, increase lean weight, improve glucose tolerance and strength. The advantage of HIIT course is that if you replace a 30 minute moderate intensity exercise with a 6-week HIIT course twice a week, it will greatly improve your health and strength

the trip / open the door to fitness

research shows that the trip of the immersive riding course will make you forget the intensity of the course itself and unconsciously complete the exercise happily. This is a cool course. You can even explore the future world while exercising

grit series / reduce cardiovascular disease and improve exercise performance Les Mills grit series has three options: cardio, strength and plyo. It can improve physical fitness and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is a 30 minute high-intensity intermittent training (HIIT), which maximizes exercise ability and minimizes training time

Les Mills Barre / practice \

Les Mills Barre is the latest ballet shaping course released by lemy. It is beautiful, flexible but full of power. It breaks the tradition, combines popularity with specialty, integrates ballet, Pilates and yoga, combines core, body shaping, strength and other types, and matches modern music to bring fitness lovers the experience of shaping and heart repair. Without the traditional muscle support, ballet participants will focus on the stability of the body


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