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Technical vocabulary of chemical pipeline design 1

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1 piping component

1.1 pipe

pipe Pipes (other pipes not manufactured according to the piping standard specifications) Steel pipe Cast iron pipe Lined pipe Clad pipe Carbon steel pipe Alloy steel pipe Stainless steel pipe Austenitic stainless steel pipe Ferroalloy steel pipe Wrough steel pipe Wrough iron pipe Seamless (SMLS) steel pipe Welded steel pipe Electric resistance welded steel pipe Electric fusion (ARC) - welded steel plate pipe Spiral welded steel pipe Galvanized steel pipe Hot rolling seamless pipe Cold drawing seamless pipe Water gas steel pipe Plastic pipe Glass tube Rubber tube Straight pipe run pipe; straight pipe

1.2 fitting

elbow elbow Reducing elbow Base elbow with support Long radius elbow Short radius elbow Long radius return Short radius return Side outlet elbow (right hand or left hand) Double branch elbow Tee Reducing tee Straight tee Side outlet tee (right hand or 1eft hand) with side port Reducing tee (reducing on outlet) Reducing tee (reducing on one run) Tee with support Reducing tee (reducing on one run and outlet) Reducing tee (reducing on both runs, bull) head) 45 ° oblique tee 45 ° 45 ° 45 ° 45 ° branch) Y-shaped tee (commonly known as underpants) true \ Four way cross Straight cross Reducing cross Reducing cross (reducing on one outlet) Reducing cross (reducing on one run and outlet) Reducing cross (reducing on both outlets) Reducing cross (reducing on one run and both) outlet) Reducer Concentric reducer Eccentric reducer Reducing swing of forged reducer Threaded branch Weldlet Sockolet Elbow branch elbolet Latrolet Embedded branch nozzle Nipolet Branch boss Coupling, full coupling Half coupling Reducing coupling Union Union Internal and external thread shrinkage (commonly known as bushing) Cap (c) Plug Short nipple Reducing nipple; swage nipple

1.3 bend

Prefabricated pipe bend Cross over bend Offset bend 90 ° Circular Bend One side offset 90 ° S-bend \ Unilateral offset U-shaped expansion elbow (|)? Single offset \ U-bend \ Double offset expansion \ Miter bend 3-piece mitre bend Corrugated bend Roundness

1.4 flange (Flg)

Integral pipe flange Steel pipe flange Threaded flange Slip on flange (so); slip-on welding flange Socket welding flange Lap joint flange (LJF) Welding neck flange (WNF) Blind flange, blind Orificeflange Reducing flange Disc seat flange% 26nbsp;% 26nbsp 26nbsp; pad type flange Loose hubbed flange Welded plate flange% 26nbsp;% 26nbsp; welding plate flange Welding neck collar (similar to stub end) Welding on polar Stub end, lap Lapped pipe end Loose plate flange Pressure rating, pressure rating class Pressure temperature rating Flange facing Raised face (RF) Convex face (MF) Concave female face (FMF) Tenon face Groove face Ring joint face Full plane; Full plane flat face; full face (FF) Smooth raised face (SRF) Facing finish Roughness Smooth Serrated Root mean square (RMS) Arithmetic average roughness height (AARH) Companion flange Bolt circle (B.C.)

1.5 gasket (GSKT)

Type of gasket Flat gasket Flat ring gasket Flat metal gasket Rubber with cotton fabric insertion Rubber elastomer with asbestos fabric insertion Elastomer with asbestos fabric insertion and with wire reinforcement Non graphited compressed white asbestos gasket Natural white rubber gasket Compressed asbestos class gasket PTFE impregnated asbestos gasket Spiral wound metal gasket with asbestos filler Inner ring Outer ring Corrugated metal gasket Corrugated metal gasket with asbestos inserted Corrugated metal double jacketed asbestos filled gasket Double jacketed gasket Flat metal jacketed asbestos filled gasket Solid metal serrated gasket Grooved metal gasket Ring joint metal gasket Octagonal ring gasket Oval ring gasket Lens gasket Non metallic gasket


1.6.1 valve structure and parts

Yoke yoke Outside screw and yoke (OS% 26amp; Y) Stem Internal screw (is) Yoke sleeve Stem ring Valve seat (body seat) Seat ring Integral seat Deposited seat Valve core (including sealing ring, rod and other internals) Disc Disc seal Valve body Bonnet Bonnet bush Screw cap Screw bonnet Bolted bonnet (BB) Union bonnet (CAP) Bolted cap (BC) Welded Bonnet (WB) Body stem seal Asbestos safety seal Back seal Pressure tight bonnet Powered operator Electric motor operator Pneumatic operator Hydraulic operator Quick acting operator Sliding stem Spur gear operated Bevel gear operated Wrench operated Chain wheel Hand wheel Hand lever (handle) Cylinder operated Chain operated Full bore of equal channel; full port Reducing bore, reduced port, venturi port Short pattern Compact type Cage ring Gland Stem packing Bonnet gasket Rising stem (RS) Non rising stem (NRS) Indicator / stopper Grease injector Replaceable seat ring

1.6.2 common valve

(1) gate valve Double disc parallel seal Split wedge Flexible solid wedge brake Solid wedge Plug gate valve Through conduct gate valve (2) Globe valve Globe type disc Plug type disc Swivel disc (3) Throttle valve Needle valve (4) Angle valve (5) Y-Valve (Y-body globe valve) (6) Ball valve 3-way ball valve Trunnion mounted with bottom shaft Fire safety type Floating ball type Blow out proof stem (7) Butterfly valve Wafer type Lug type Offset disc burerfly valve; eccentric butterfly valve Canted disc butterfly valve Link butterfly valve 8) Piston type valve (9) Plug valve Three way plug valve Four way plug valve Cock Sleeve cock (10) Diaphragm valve Rubber lined diaphragm valve Straight way diaphragm valve Weir diaphragm valve (11) Pinch valve (12) Check valve Lift check valve Swing check valve, flap check valve Ball check valve Spring ball check valve Dual plate water type check valve Non slam check valve Foot valve Stop check valve; non-return valve Piston check valve Tilting disc check valve Butterfly check valve

1.6.3 valves for other purposes

Safety valve (SV) Relief valve (RV) Safety relief valve Lever and weight type Pilot operated safety relief valve