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Foamed concrete hose pump 2021-07-20 10:17 192

 % 26nbsp;% 26nbsp; What I have been doing is the 04 version of pump it up. Yesterday, I wanted to change something else. Looking at the seemingly uncomplicated choreography of 09, I jumped this one. As a result, I was almost mad by the head shaking man[ [Photo] the music in this edition is not as vivid as 04. Why??? I don't know where the English accent is. It's all over the rhythm of the music. It's really from the beginning to the end. Are you tired [picture]


 % 26nbsp;% 26nbsp; In fact, 09's movement is less than 04's, and it's not too complicated, but rhythm, sad rhythm [picture] [picture] [picture], can't keep up with [picture]. In short, it's impossible to keep up with it for the first time, because although the movement changes little, it changes very frequently, it's not as regular as 04, and there's no room for you to hesitate, Although the head shaking man will remind the change of action in time, who can listen to the real English prompt when he is tired of thinking about action? Anyway, I can't. 09 is more suitable for facing the set movement. I'm familiar with it and practice it later. Otherwise, I will die miserably [picture]

 % 26nbsp;% 26nbsp; There is a 360 turn in place, and then squat, OK, I admit, I really can't 冷峻


 % 26nbsp;% 26nbsp; About 45 minutes is the dance action, the so-called club. I gave up this, and I wanted to follow it. But the dance action of 09 is more difficult than that of 04, not a little bit. Moreover, the head shaking man often shakes his head. He's OK. After a few shakes, I feel dizzy [picture], and the tendon of half of my hip turns a little bit, so I have to abandon it

 % 26nbsp;% 26nbsp; As for the amount of exercise, after 45 minutes of dancing (one third of them can't keep up, and they are almost dancing around in their limbs), they are sweating profusely. It seems that the amount of exercise is no lighter than that of 04.