Japanese song: Da pump \

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CD inflection surface:

U. a.

u-u-u.s.a. U-u-u. S. A.

C ',, C' mon, baby × \ It is said that there is no change in the number of the old people concerned in the

several decades, but it is not possible to go to the same person of the earth C 'mon, baby America''mon, baby dream fair 'is an inspiration for the dream of the baby times Baby America 's baby

C ',, C' mon, baby

0. A. a. {

twist dance floor dance The Pacific Ocean is always a first-class mind and a dream The peace of the United States of America 'C', baby America ''mon', baby America 'monkey' The baby is the first day of the sky in the morning

C ',, C' mon, baby × '0}

c'mon, baby America' baby, baby defense Baby parent beauty yearning teen naive is a child in the United States of Japan

C ',, C' mon, baby ×


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